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  • Wood Pellets
  • Wood Pellets

Abdul Sattar Sons is an international trader and brokerage company supplies sustainable wood pellets and other solid biomass. Abdul Sattar Sons is serving electricity and heat producers, wholesale suppliers of wood pellets, and retail distributors for their need of wood pellets such as rice stalk pellets, sunflower husk pellets and other forms of solid bio-fuels by sourcing and supply of wood pellets.

Our Services to buyers:-

  • Through our worldwide network of manufacturer and producers we sell and market of wood pellets and solid bio-fuel products and to do so we have signed the exclusive marketing and sales agreement with them.
  • We always care to secure our buyers interest and always focus to reduce the costs of the deliveries to the final destination we manage affordable and swift logistic operations.
  • We always ensure the quality standards are met for the pellet we supply and required specifications are met as required.
  • We offer you best competitive pricing structure and contract which suits all the parties and lessens the risk.
  • We co-ordinate, communicate and manage suppliers, buyers and logistic parties.
  • We bridge the gap between ex-works, FOB purchase from manufacturer to DDU, CIF delivery to the final destination.

    We also serve manufacturer of wood pellets in marketing, sales and delivery of their wood pellets and solid biofuel products.

    Our Services to Suppliers and manufacturers:-

  • We always select biomass buyers from worldwide markets for wood pellet through our experience and knowledge as per their requirement such as specifications, quantity and delivery requirements.
  • We give logistic solution to meet the supplier and buyers requirements.
  • We market and sell wood pellet products in our large and strong network worldwide of buyers that saves the cost and efforts made by the suppliers.
  • We offer an attractive contract and pricing structure for the benefit of supplier and buyers and reduce the risk factor.
  • We manage the coordination with suppliers, buyers and logistic solution provider to close the deals smoothly.
  • We supply bio-mess solid fuel and wood pellets through our suppliers based in Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey, UK, United Sates and South Africa.

    The Typical bio-mess products we trade are given below:-

    The bio-mess is made of Pure, Virgin forestry residues and processed which is economical in terms of delivery and easy to use.

  • Rice Stalk Pellets
  • Acacia Wood Pellets
  • Sunflower husk pellets
  • Palm Kernel Shells
  • Olive Residue Cake and Pellets
  • Peanut Hull Pellets
  • Wood Pellets for Boilers and Stoves

    Abdul Sattar Sons Sells high quality wood Pellets (DIN Plus or Equivalent). We also supply bulk blown wood pellet fuel, bagged wood pellet. Our partner manufacturers produce the highest quality standard within Europe and Canada. These standards controls limits to the low cost running of biomass boiler, including ash %, moisture , mechanical stability, energy content and ash melting temperature.

    Features of Wood Pellet

  • Wood pellets produce a good flame than any common log burner and there is less maintenance and cleaning.
  • The pellet fire is more efficient than the log burner because with pellet fire the fuel is drip fed into the flames as much as needed and turns off when you don’t need the heater.
  • The premium quality pellet have less content of as even less than 1% and if you calculate then the 20kg bag will fine minerals ash less than 200 grams and it also can be used as fertilizer.
  • The pellet fire gives you 20 Hours or more on 20 Kg bag of pellet.
  • We offer you the cheapest prices for wood pellets and we also deliver the bulk deliveries.

    Our prices are highly competitive and quality of the product is the best. We always supply you the wood pellets which are sourced near to your required destination to save the freight costs and also reduces the transit time for delivery of your products.

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