Product Description

  • Pet Preforms
  • Pet Bottles

Since our inception, we have been supplying the Pet (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Preforms and bottles to the domestic and international clients. Our Bottles and Preforms are being used by the beverage and food industry.

  • Bottles and Preforms are made as per the supplier’s specifications of raw material, confirms to ECC and FDA regulations and all the quality controls requirements are met as per the general specification manual. The Raw Material does not contain metals like (mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium).
  • During production the Pet Performs are kept highest standard.

  • Quality Checks

  • Basic thickness determines the strength of the end product.
  • During physical testing is done and the measurements of Dimensions (length, diameters, wall-thickness are confirmed.
  • Visual and automatic control inspects the appearance preforms.
  • Wide ranges of colored preforms are produced within narrow color tolerances.
  • Microbiological identification tests
  • Check of chemical traces

  • We serve our clients as a trusted business partners and committed to mutually shared value and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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