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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is white, colourless, somewhat translucent and hard wax consists of solid straight chain of hydrocarbons. It ranges in mantling point from 48° to 66° C. paraffin wax is produced during the de-waxing of petroleum. The main applications are in making candles, wax paper, polishes, cosmetics, and electrical insulation. Paraffin wax also is used in extraction of perfumes from flower and also is used as base in medical ointments. The water proof coating for wood is made by using paraffin wax.

The paraffin wax we supply is purified and refined by using modern, environmental friendly technologies and is free of harmful substances. The paraffin wax products are highly refined and quality control measures are applied and also are non-toxic.

We supply many kinds of paraffin waxes that are used in personal care, inks and coatings, wax compounding, textiles and polishes and candles. We offer fully refined paraffin with a wide range of melting points from 52°C to 68°C.

Paraffin products we supply are reliable and smoothly processed. And our partner manufactures always supply our buyers with the paraffin products as per their specifications and requirements.

We offer wax compounding sourced from Iran, India, Singapore, Germany, China and United States.

Our prices are highly competitive and quality of the product is per the required specifications. For more details on paraffin wax contact us.

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