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  • Copper Scrap

Copper has been being used since more than 10,000 years and also been recycled since then. Copper doesn’t degrade during recycling. Copper is an integral part of scrap metal collector and scrap metal recycling business. Nonferrous Metal is a good conductor of electricity but silver. Copper is the most demanded metals by industry due to thermal conductivity, high ductility and malleability to recycle copper the energy required around 85% to 90% which is lesser comparing to new copper production from virgin ore.

We offer you copper scarp sourced through our large network of suppliers worldwide.

The Copper Scarp is collected in form of Electrical Cables, Old Radiators, copper from buildings and copper flashing.

Our prices are highly competitive and deliveries of the scarp are swift and authentic.. We always supply you the copper scrap which is sourced near to your required destination to save the freight costs and also reduces the transit time for delivery of your copper scarp.

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