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Alfalfa Hay is a good source of quality protein and fiber. Alfalfa Hay is known as legume hay and also called “lucerne�?. As we compare Alfalfa Hay to Grass then hay is richer in protein, minerals, vitamins and more plate able than grass and is excellent source of energy. When Alfalfa Hay is properly cured it is best nutrient standpoint. It is used to Feed Horses, Beef Cattle, Chickens, sheep, cows and other Farm Animals.

It is a choice of domestic and international markets for animal and Chicken Farming. It is low in fiber and high in protein and calcium. The protein in the alfalfa hay increases the quantity of the milk produces by the cows. We supply the highest quality of Alfalfa Hay, Alfalfa Horse Hay of multiple origins worldwide.

At Abdul Sattar Sons, we precisely manage every order by booking, storage, processing, quality control, transportation and product delivery. Either the order is small or large we ensure that you get unconditional quality and services.

Our partner manufactures always keep the highest standards in quality and have taken initiatives to accomplish quality. The safe feed is ensured by tracing the chemicals and pesticides which are applied to the field. All the products can be traced back to know how and when it was harvested. These all procedure ensures that our customers get the product which is best for their needs.


Regular Bales

Alfalfa Hay Bales are produced in the field at the time of harvest and are the most popular packaging for horse feeding industry.

We always follow the standards and we work together with our customers to maximized products delivery at minimal costs.

Dimensions: 44 Length X 22 Width X 14 Height, Bale weight: 50-60Kg

Double Compressed Bales

Alfafa Hay Bales direct from field is further processed in the compressing machines to create smaller bale size for efficient transportation and handling. This is a preferred packaging required by the dairy and beef producing industry of the many regions of the world.

110 Kilo Gram Bales

We also offer 110Kg Alfalfa Hay Bales. This fulfills the demands of our customers who look for an intermediate bales size comparing to double compressed and big bale.

Dimension: 21Width x 26Length x 48Height Bale Weight: 110 kg

We have been supplying and exporting Alfalfa Hay from Pakistan, Alfalfa Hay from United States, India and many other origins. We are supplying Alfalfa Hay to Japan, China, UAE, Hong Kong and Korea.

We serve our clients as a trusted business partners and committed to mutually shared value and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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