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Abdul Sattar Sons was founded as a trading company in 1985 in Multan, Pakistan; and known as a leading and reliable place in marketing the agricultural produce of Pakistan. Our constant devotion to maintain the standard, Abdul Sattar Sons is a leader in the Commercial Exports, Trade and Brokerage of Rice, Grains, Plastics, Chemicals, Seeds, Construction Material, Minerals, Petroleum Products, Sugar, Seed Oils, Food and various other products. Our assurance to quality is unmatched and our promise to continually exceed the expectations of our partners, clients and suppliers. We are determined with respect to the deals it commences and gives every Trading Partner the individual attention required to build a successful trading relationship. After two decades of experience, we are certain that your company will find us to be a perfect match for your operation’s supply needs.

Our Services

Trade and Brokerage

We are an advantage to reduce your search, negotiation and transections in purchase of your Agricultural Commodities, Bio-Fuel, Energy Products, Plastics, Animal Feed Ingredients, Chicken Feed and many other products. We do this through our expertise and business relations to supply our clients with two factors information and trust. We also mediate with insurance, shipping and transportation firms to minimize the risk and costs. We keenly pursue and visit out national and international Suppliers and Buyers to find new business opportunities and also negotiate the price, specifications and delivery details. We connect Buyers and Suppliers on the basis of origin and destination to maximize the cost efficiencies through enhancing the routing options.

Import and Export

We are a Leading Exporter and Importer Firm playing a dominant role in serving the multiple sectors to fulfill their needs. Our main segment in exports is Agricultural Produce, Minerals, Cement, Sugar, Ethanol and other products of Pakistan and many other countries. We do imports to serve the domestic industry to full fill their requirement in terms of raw material to make finished products.After 2 decades of experience we have acquired combination of sharp dealing skills, market intelligence and a large network of diversified clients. That helps us to execute your order more efficiently and due to presence in the market from a long time and business network allows us to quickly cross match clients order in illiquid stocks.

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