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  • Cotton Linter

Abdul Sattar Sons cotton business since inception has been one of the leaders of the cotton trade market. We deal in domestic and export cotton to all over the world, to serve the well-known domestic and export cotton. Abdul Sattar Sons Business Unit is committed to being the best partner for suppliers and customers to ensure the smooth flow of raw cotton between the parties.

We Trade/export and broker the best quality 100% Natural Cotton Linter of Pakistan origin. We offer competitive price and the cotton linter we supply is as per our client’s requirement.

Cotton Linter Grades

We export and broker many type of raw cotton and the details are given below:-

  • 1st Cut Cotton Linter

    1st Cut Cotton Linter is produced from Cotton Ginning Industries. When the raw cotton is processed in cleaner and before pressing the bales then the 1st cut Cotton linter's staple length is 5-10mm max.

  • 2nd Cut Cotton Linter

    Cotton Seed expelling industries and solvent plants when the seed is processed the lint is removed from Cotton Seed then the 2nd Cut Cotton Linter is produced. The Staple length is 2-5mm.

  • 3rd Cut Cotton Linter

    This kind of Cotton Linter is low grade comparing to the 1st Cut Linters.

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