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  • Black Eyed Beans
  • Borlotti Beans
  • Mixed Beans

Black Eyed Beans are small in size. Their flavor is creamy and joined to the pod with a black “scar�?. These are mostly been cooked in African and American continent. Black Eyed Beans are essential part of their cuisine and eaten with white rice.

We offer delightful dried black eyed beans which much suited in traditional cooking. Our black eyed beans are rich in nutrition and of supreme quality.

We have been dealing black eyed beans at domestic and international markets since many years. We always ensure the beans we supply must go through under certain quality control procedures and we always deal with those suppliers and manufacturer who meet such criteria. So we could offer you unmatched quality of the beans we supply.

We supply you black eye beans as per your required specifications and packaging through our reliable network suppliers based in India, Myanmar, China, United States, Tanzania and Kenya.

We source and sell you black eyed beans at highly competitive rates comparing to the market and we always take care of buyers in sense to save their cost and reduce their efforts in purchasing of their products.

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  • Black Eyed Beans
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