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Raw Sugar is a Natural Cane Sugar. In the manufacturing process the sugar cane is pressed and mixed with lime then this liquid is reduced by evaporation process and after the process crystals are formed. A centrifuge separates the crystals and these crystals are dried. The produces sugar is of brown color because of molasses content in the sugar.

Raw Sugar has minerals and nutrients. Due to presence of molasses in the sugar it gives an added flavor and golden color and enhances the taste.

Raw Sugar consists of coarse grains as we compare it to the White Sugar. 70% White Sugar is produced when the raw sugar is refined further and it is based upon weight. The natural Brown Sugar has more molasses and it gives mineral content.

The Raw Brown Sugar ICUMSA 600-1200 is partially refined to remove the impurities and the product which is produces is sold as Demerera Sugar, Turbinado Sugar or Muscavado Sugar.

We are Raw Sugar Suppliers, Organic Sugar Suppliers and Wholesale Sugar Suppliers of superior quality from our partner Sugar Mills in Pakistan, Brazil and Thailand. We are also known as Bulk Sugar Suppliers. You will find us highly competitive in price and swift in delivery of the raw and Other Sugar Products.

We serve our clients as a trusted business partners and committed to mutually shared value and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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