Product Description

  • Banaspati Ghee

Banspati Ghee is made with the combination of Hydrogenated Oils, Refined Sesame Oil. The ghee is manufactured state of the art multistage hygienically controlled plant. It gives a mouthwatering aroma and taste to your food. It is low in cholesterol which makes it safer for the heart patients. Vitamin A and D are added.

We have been exporting Banaspati Ghee to Afghanistan and CIS countries.

Packing Available

  • 1kg x 16 Pouch
  • 1/2kg x 32 Pouch
  • 1/4kg x 64 Pouch
  • 1kg x 5 Pouch
  • 2.5 kg Tin
  • 5 ltr Tin
  • 10 kg Tin
  • 16 kg Tin
  • We ensure that our clients are well educated in terms of the reliability, production statistics and delivery schedule of the leading manufacturer in Pakistan.

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