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  • Sultana Raisins
  • zanteCurrantRaisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Green Raisin

This is dried grape and also known as raisin. It is used worldwide in cooking, brewing and baking while the word raisin is used in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for the dark colored dried grape.

The raisin varieties are differentiated as per the type of grapes, size and color which are used in making of raisins. Raisins are sun dried and also can be produced by dipping into water and can be artificially dehydrated. The colours are green, black, purple, blue and yellow.

The 90% raisin is produced from Thompson seedless variety in the world and other known varieties are Waltham Cross and Muscat of Alexandria.

We trade , export and broker all kinds of raisins sourced from Turkey, United States, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Chile and many other origins.

We offer our buyers raisins in different grade as per the requirement.

The raisins we supply are sorted twice, metal detection is done and we do our best to meet the specifications which are provided.Raisins come in many colors and can be differed as per the drying process. The main varieties we do are given below:-

Types of Raisins, with whom we work constantly:

  • Sultana Raisins or Golden Raisins
  • Black Corinth or Zante currant
  • Black Raisins
  • Green raisins

  • Sultana Raisins

    The Sultana raisins we supply are sorted, washed, stemmed, brushed, cap stemmed, cleaned, sized and final checks are done. For our sultana raisins bleached and unbleached grapes are used for production.

    Sultana Raisins are classified into five kinds as per their colour and represented by 7,8,9,10,11 numbers. The 7 represents the darker colour and 11 lighter colours.

    Sultana raisins are sized and their size is differentiated in five categories which are jumbo, medium, small and small as per the largeness.

    Dark Brown Raisins

    Dark Brown Raisins produced from sultana grape variety of Thompson seedless. These are sun dried in an open are on the plain surface such cement slabs.Sultana Raisins have plenty of applications such as these are used in snacks, ingredients in mixes, used in baking, sauces and confections.

    Golden Raisins

    This variety is made by using the Sultana seedless grape. This is treated with sulfur dioxide to maintain the golden color and dried on the vine or on the special drying racks.

    Black Corinth or Zante currant

    These are miniature raisins and have much darker color. The flavor is tart and tangy and also called currants.

    Black Raisins

    This variety is produced from sun dried seedless sultanas. And it is washed and filtered. This variety belongs to vitis vinfera L family

    Green raisins

    We offer long and short kinds of green raisins as per your requirements.

    We supply you best quality raisins as per your requirements and we make sure the raisins you get must be best quality in terms of uniform in appearance, size and have smooth texture. Our raisins have higher pulp content; good taste without sugar coating, free of dust, foreign matter and the skin is intact.

    We ensure that our clients are well educated in terms of the reliability, production statistics and delivery schedule of the leading manufacturer World Wide.

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