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  • Corn Ddgs
  • Corn Ddgs

Distiller’s dried grains with solubles are rich in nutrient and are a co-product of dry milled ethanol production. The dried residues are remaining after the starch fraction of corn is fermented through selected enzymes and yeast for the production of ethanol and carbon dioxide. The Alcohol is removed after the fermentation process is complete and residues are dried.

DDGS (Distiller’s dried grains with solubles) are used as animal feed ingredients and protein supplements. The DDGS exports are on rise and from 1 million tons in 2006 and 8 million tons in 2011 is exported to more than 40 countries.

Distiller’s grain is a source of protein and energy for the love stock through out of the world. The DDGS we supply are dried through advanced stem tube drying system which is used in renewable fuels industry. This low heat system produces the highest quality dried distillers’ grains.

The direct steam drying ensures that distilled grain never treated with the temperature more than 220 Deg F. lower temperature drying system helps to maintain and preserve the quality of amino acid and other key nutrients.

We offer you ddgs directly through our manufacturing partners based in India, United States and Brazil.

  • Specifications of Corn DDGS
  • Crude Protein 29.98% Min
    Moisture 9.80%
    Crude Fat 7.72%
    Ash 3.30%
    Crude Fiber 7.40%
    Dry matter 90.20%
    Pro-fat Value 37.70%

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