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  • Aluminium Ingots

Aluminium Scrap, Aluminium Dust is casted into shape for further processing is known as Aluminium Ingot. The mold based method is used in making of ingots.

We ensure by working with our customers to avail sufficient quantities to fulfil their supply needs through our Aluminium Ingot Manufacturer Worldwide.

We mostly deal with ADC12 (Aluminium Alloy which is used in the casting of motor mobiles, metallic machines and casting products.) and JIS Standard Alloy. Our focus is to supply our customers with Aluminium Alloys as per international specifications and requirements.


The Aluminium Ingots we supply are securely strapped with steel binding and further wrapped in plastic foil. They are designed in way that they can be easily handled by forklifts. The packing is also is redesigned as per specific requirements.

We supply Aluminium Ingots from our manufacturer network based in Thailand, Venezuela, United States, Russia, Canada, China, Brazil, India, UAE, Bahrain and New Zealand.

We always focus in meeting the precise quality which is required by our buyers and that is the reason we are able to maintain our reputation as a Quality Aluminium Ingot Supplier and Aluminium Alloy Ingots Manufacturers.

We also offer you customized packaging to full fill your retails and wholesale purpose with your own brand. The packaging material we use is PP, Jute as per requirements.

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