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  • Calrose Rice

Rice Calrose

This is japonica medium grain rice known by its white, short, glossy and sticky texture. The calrose Rice grain has glossy sheen after cooking. This medium grain is famous in Asian cultures due to sticky texture.

We supply the calrose rice from United States, China and Vietnam. It is short in size, wider and when cooked it is moist and tender. It is clingier than long grain rice. We supply you highest quality of calrose rice which is manufactured using traditional farming together with state of the art technology.

This is probably the best rice in world due to its balance and taste. It is mostly eaten alone without adding flavor. Its grain is longer three times to its width.

Rice Calrose Specification

Broken 4-5% Max
Moisture 14.0%
Foreign Matters 0.10% Max
Average Length of Whole Kernel 5.0% MM Max
Width of Whole Kernal 3.0 MM
Yellow Kernels 0.5%
Chalky Kernels 4.0%
Damaged Kernels 0.25%
Milling Grade Double Polished

It is available in 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, and 50lb bags

We offer you best quality rice calrose from our strong supplier’s network based in China, United States and Vietnam. We are highly competitive in price and the quality is unmatched.

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