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Ethanol is manufactured by the molasses of sugar cane and juice by the fermentation. This fuel is based on Ethanol. This Biofuel is low in carbon, affordable and clean. Ethanol extracted from sugar cane emerged as a leading renewable fuel for the transportation. Blending: Ethanol is blended with gasoline at levels ranging from 5% to 25% and it reduces petroleum usage, increases octane ratings and also cuts tailpipe emissions. Pure Ethanol: it can be used in especially designed engines and this fuel is made up of 85% to 100% and reliant on exporting countries specifications.

Advantages of Ethanol

Cleaner Air

Air pollution and toxic emissions via tailpipe exhaust are reduced because ethanol adds oxygen to gasoline.

Good Performance

Ethanol Fuel give more power in higher compression engines and also prevents engine knocking due to high octane level.

Cuts Petroleum usage

Ethanol decreases dependence on oil and is a more good option for expending energy supplies.

Pakistan: Ethanol Production

Pakistan has been a great source of sugar and sugar cane ethanol. Pakistan has a huge industry of sugar and been able to export the sugar after fulfilling the domestic needs. Pakistan has also been exporting sugarcane ethanol. Only to Europe around 70 million Liters was exported in last year.

Abdul Sattar Sons has been involved in biofuel trading and brokerage. We offer ethanol directly from the major manufacturers in Pakistan, India, Egypt and Brazil and of many other origins.. While the product details are given below:-

  • Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) min 96% - ENA (Both Natural & Denatured)
  • Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) min 99% - Anhydrous (Both Natural & Denatured)
  • Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) 'B' Grade min 92 %
  • Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) 'B' Grade min 94%
  • Ethyl AlcoholEthyl Alcohol (Ethanol) Fuel Grade min 99.99%
  • We ensure that our clients are well educated in terms of the reliability, production statistics and delivery schedule of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

    Our prices are highly competitive and quality of the product is per the required specifications. We do bulk and containerized deliveries of the ethanol products. We always supply you the ethanol products which are sourced near to your required destination to save the freight costs and also reduces the transit time for delivery of your products.

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