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The root of a beet plant contains a high concentration of sucrose. It is being cultivated at commercial level for the sugar production. The total sugar which is extracted from the beet root is 12% to 21% and it depends on the growing conditions. The sugar is beet root plant is processed in leaves by photosynthesis and later is stored in root. While the rest of the contents of beet root consist of 75% water and 5% Pulp.

The sugar is a first value of sugar beet crop and the pulp is used in animal feed. The Sugar Beet By-Products of Sugar beet crop which are pulp and molasses add further 10% to the value of the harvest.

Sugar Beet Crop is cultivated in moderate conditions as we compare it to the Sugar Beet Crop, The Sugar Cane Crop is grown in sub-tropical and tropical conditions. The weight of Sugar Beet is between 0.5kg to 1kg. 20% Sugar from Sugar Beets is Produced of World’s Sugar.

We have been supplying Beet Sugar from Pakistan, United States, Germany, Turkey and Russia through our partner suppliers, manufacturers to full fill the Worldwide Demand of Beet Sugar.

Beet Sugar Specifications:

Grade ICUMSA 45
Origins Europe, Turkey, United States, Pakistan
Inspection SGS, T2L and EUR1
Polarization 99.8 %
Moisture 0.06%
Color White
Ash Content 0.08%
Cu Contents 3PPM
Pb Contents 1PPM
As Contents 1PPM
Reducing Sugar 0.08% Max by Weight
Substance Crystal
Solubility Dry and Free Flowing 100%
Sediments None
Smell None
Grain Medium to Fine
Magnetic Particles 4mg /kg
So2 Content 20mg /kg Max

You will find us much competitive in price the quality of our sugar is unmatched. Our network of Sugar Manufacturer and Suppliers is strong and already been tested in terms of deliveries and our presence in the market since two decades gives us benefit that you get a better price comparing to other Suppliers of Sugar.

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